How to list products on Etsy

Learn how to Export and Sync your products to Etsy

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With ExportYourStore, you can import products from from any sales channel and export & sync them to Etsy.

Before you begin

To set up your stores and export your products:

1. Create a Shipping Profile on Etsy

Note: If you already have a Shipping Profile, skip to the next step.

Shipping profiles will determine the shipping cost of each item. Sellers in the US or Canada can choose to use calculated shipping profiles, while sellers in other countries can only choose a fixed price shipping profile on Etsy.

To create a shipping profile on Etsy:

  1. On, click your account icon then click Shop Manager.

  2. Go to Settings > Shipping Settings > Shipping Profiles.

  3. Click Add a shipping profile.

  4. Fill out the appropriate shipping details. You also have the option to set separate domestic and international handling fees.

  5. If you are entering fixed costs manually, you can add shipping upgrades. Learn more about shipping upgrades on Etsy.

  6. If you're adding a calculated shipping, include your item weight and size.

  7. Click Save.

2. Configure your shipping profile on ExportYourStore

To conigure your Shipping profiles on ExportYourStore:

  1. Go to the Marketplaces page and click Settings under your Etsy store.

  2. Choose your Shipping Profile from the list and click Save.

Note: If your Shipping Profile does not appear on the list in ExportYourStore, please follow this quick guide and learn How to Manaully Set a Shipping Profile.

You are now ready to export your products to Etsy in a click of a button. Simply go to the Listings page and export your products.

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