Go to Products to see your inventory.

Your source products will be shown with the sync status on the target marketplace.

If the product action button is "Fix SKU", follow this article then continue.


It's always a good practice to make a test and export one item first before exporting all the others. Select an item you'd like to export and click the EXPORT button.

We will later see how to bulk export few or all of the products with one action.

After clicking EXPORT, ExportYourStore will process your request and list your product to the target marketplace.

The status will then be Listed & Synced.

It means that the product exists on the target and is synced with the source. From now on, every update on the source will update the product on the target, and any purchase from any marketplace will be synced on both sides, that's ofcourse depends on the sync configurations that you've set earlier.

Amazon Note: When exporting new listings to Amazon, some product fields may be missing on the first minutes after the export.

Bulk Actions

Note: This feature is only available for customers.

Just above the products table, there is a toolbar row that can help you perform bulk actions.

1. Bulk selection

You can manually select each product you want to include in the bulk action, or you can use the bulk selection tool.

Select all products: This will select all your products, on all the current pages, matching the search term you searched for. If you didn't use any search term, all your products will be selected.

Select only products on this page: This will select all the products shown on the current page of the table.

Deselect all: This will deselect all product selections, from all pages.

2. Bulk action

After selecting products for the bulk action, open the bulk action menu and choose the action you'd like to perform. The action will be applied and processed only after clicking APPLY.

After the Export

  • You can click the title of the product to view it on the target marketplace.

  • You click the Item ID to view the product on the source marketplace.

  • The action button will appear as Update. That's just in case you want to manually update the product. Updates will occur automatically when the sync is enabled.

For a more advanced control on the exported products, read the rules article.

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