Each listing belong to a category, and categories are different between marketplaces.

ExportYourStore usually automatically matches eBay categoriesto the most suitable category on the target platform you're exporting to.

Sometimes users wil have to match some of their categories manually on the application.

How to manually match a category

Go to Products, and click Categories Mapper.

All your eBay categories will be listed in a table.

To match unmapped categories, use the filter and select Not Mapped.

Check the categoreis you'd like to map and then click Map Selected Categories.

A new table will be opened with all the target available categories,

select the category you want to be matched to the eBay categories you've selected earlier, and cick Set Selected Category.

That's it, you can now export/update your item with the matched category you choosed.

I changed the category on eBay, why doesn't it updates on ExportYourStore?

You will have to refresh the item in order to update it's category on ExportYourStore.

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