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Map and match your categories between different marketplaces
Map and match your categories between different marketplaces

Learn how to match your categories between marketplaces

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Each listing belongs to a category, and categories are different between marketplaces. ExportYourStore usually automatically matches the source store categories the most suitable category on the target platform you're exporting to.

Sometimes users will have to match some of their categories manually (mostly Shopify and WooCommerce users).

How to map a category to the corresponding category on another platform

Go to Products, and click Categories Mapper.

All your source store's categories will be listed in a table. Check the categories you'd like to map and then click Map Selected Categories.

A new table will be opened with all the target available categories,

select the category you want to be matched to the source categories you've selected earlier, and click Set Selected Category.

That's it, you can now export/update your item with the matched category you chose.

How to match categories using rules

Open the rules window on the Products page. On the sidebar menu select Other Fields -> Categories. Choose the "Set category" action and select the category you want to set on the target platform.

Click next, enable "Use Filters" and choose the filters you want. The example below shows how create a set category rule (on the target platform) for categories that have the "shirt" word in the source category.

I changed the category on the source store, why doesn't it updates on ExportYourStore?

You will have to re-import the item in order to update it's category on ExportYourStore.

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