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Add rules and conditions to your exports
Add rules and conditions to your exports

Learn how to set rules and fully customize your sync

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Rules allow sellers to fully control and customize their exports. The rules will only be applied only on the target channel and will not affect your source store.

Add a Rule

To add a rule, simply navigate to the Listings page and click the Rules button above the table.

There are two steps to create a rule, choosing field and action, then choosing filters.

From the sidebar menu select the field you want to adjust. Each marketplace has it own set of rules, and different fields will be available depends on the syncing channel you are editing.

For example, this rule will increase the price of the exported products by 10%.

Click Next to move next to the filters step.

Using Filters

Filters are a set of conditions that determine on which products the rule will be applied. If you don't use filters, the rule will be applied on all your products.

On the above example the rule will only be applied on products with price lower than $200 (using your store's currency).

And Condition

The And condition will add another required condition to the other conditions you've set.

In the example below, the rule will only be applied on products WITH pricing lower than $200 AND contains shirt in the title.

Or Condition

The Or condition will add another set of conditions to the rule. If any one of the sets is matched, the rule will be applied. Let's see an example.

Here, the rule can be applied in two cases:

  • The pricing is lower than $200 AND the title contains shirt

  • OR if the category name contains pants.

Click Create Rule and Save Changes to save the rule.

More examples

How to set a rule to only export clothing products

To make sure only clothing products are being exported & synced, use a Syncing rule under More > Syncing Products.

Choose the action Sync only specific products, Click Next, then click Use Filters.

You will still be able to see those products on the listings page, but if you'll try to export them the process will be aborted. If a non-clothing product will be included in a bulk action, it'll be skipped.

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