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Steps to Go Live
Step 1: Connect your Sales Channels
Step 1: Connect your Sales Channels

The first step to Go Live with ExportYourStore. Learn how to connect your Sales Channels.

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First, sign up and create your account on ExportYourStore. The onboarding page will be shown, where you'll connect your channels and set up your account.

Connect your stores

While setting up your account, you'll connect two stores. The first one is your main store, which we'll call Sales Channel and the second one will be the store that you want to export and sync to, which we'll call a Syncing Channel. You'll be able to add more Sales Channels and Syncnig Channels when after finishing the onboarding.

  1. On the onboarding page, click Next.

  2. Connect your first Sales Channel, where you currently managing your products. This is where we will import your products from, for your other Syncing Channels. After that, click Next.

  3. Connect the store that you want to export and sync to. This is where you'll be able to export and sync the products of the Sales Channel that you've connected earlier. After that, click Next.

  4. Choose your sync settings and click Next.

  5. Look over your syncing details, and click Finish Setup.


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