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Amazon error "Invalid Request Parameters"
Amazon error "Invalid Request Parameters"
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Issue with Amazon Sync: InvalidInput Error

When using Amazon Sync, you may encounter an error message that looks like this:

CreateFeed: { "errors": [{ "code": "InvalidInput", "message": "Invalid request parameters", "details": "" }] }

This error message typically indicates that there is an issue with your Amazon seller account or that vital payment information is missing. The specific causes could be:

  1. Account Problems: Amazon may have detected a problem with your seller account, which is preventing the feed from being created.

  2. Missing Payment Information: If there are gaps in your payment information, such as an outdated credit card on file, it can lead to this error.


To resolve this issue and successfully use Amazon Sync, follow these steps:

  1. Check Your Seller Central Account:

    • Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.

    • Look for any performance notifications or alerts related to your account. Address any issues or discrepancies.

  2. Review Payment Information:

    • Verify that your payment methods, such as credit cards or bank accounts, are up to date and valid. If needed, update this information.

  3. Examine Amazon Notifications:

    • In your Seller Central account, check for any notifications from Amazon that might be relevant to your seller account and payment methods.

  4. Contact Seller Support:

    • If you've reviewed your account, updated payment information, and addressed any notifications but continue to receive the error, it's advisable to contact Amazon Seller Support. They can provide specific guidance for your situation and help resolve any account-related issues.

Additional Resources

Amazon offers comprehensive information and resources related to seller accounts, payment methods, and resolving common issues. You can find more details on:

By following these steps and staying updated with your seller account, you can resolve the "InvalidInput" error in Amazon Sync and ensure that your business operations on the platform run smoothly.

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