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Question: How to fix Etsy export error

"Forbidden : listing inventory is not backwards compatible, cannot manually set price or quantity"?

Answer: This error means when trying to update a product that doesn't exist on Etsy. To fix this is to "Delete" the item so it will reset or refresh the data about this product on the system and then you can "Export" the product again.

Question: How to fix Etsy export error
โ€‹"BadRequest: [{"path":"\/item\/weight","type":"shipping_profile_no_international_option","message":"Invalid Shipping Data"},{"path":"\/item\/length","type":"shipping_profile_no_international_option","message":"Invalid Shipping Data"}]"


1. Make sure shipping profile is linked to the app. Follow this article for a guide on how to link Shipping Profile.

2. Make sure that the product weight is not over the limit of your international shipping profile. For example, your product can only be under certain weight like only under 4 lbs. or 2 kilograms.

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