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Use Rules to Change Product Pricing on your Syncing Store
Use Rules to Change Product Pricing on your Syncing Store

Learn how to change the prices of your listings on your target sales channel store

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If you want to have different pricing between your stores then ExportYourStore app is what you're looking for. We offer you a feature that would allow you to change the pricing of your products to your target sales channel to where you export your products to. You can either increase all pricing by a percentage at once or give it a specific value.

Where to update your product pricing?

  1. Go to your Products Page and click Rules button.

  2. Go to Other fields then to Pricing

  3. Then choose from the dropdown which way you would like to change the pricing:

    1. Set to - allows you to set a specific value to your products

    2. Modify price by percent (%) - allows you to increase pricing all at once by certain percentage.

    3. Modify price by a fixed value - allows you to assign a fixed pricing to your products

    4. Add sale label - allows you to add percentage of how much sale or discount would you like to assign to your products.

  4. Lastly is to click on Save Changes button so that applies to change your target sales channel pricing.

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