ExportYourStore has a specialized banner that is automatically added to your product listings description where you’ll see “Listed with ExportYourStore.com”. This is for the purpose to show the branding of using our app where we are helping you list and export your products from different marketplaces.

We have great news to share that you’ll have the option to remove this banner for an additional of $5 per month. Send us a message and we’ll be there to help you remove our app banner to show automatically in your listings.

The banner will remove from the new listings automatically but only for products that is already listed it need to override the data and do all the actions provided the steps below.

  1. Go to your Sync Settings from your Products Page by clicking on the ellipsis button found on the top right corner of the window.

  2. Then toggle on the Override Product Data to override product information including the description where ExportYourStore banner is displayed at.

  3. Next is to make sure all your products are up-to-date.
    To update is to “Re-export” your products in bulk by selecting them all or a few that you only want to export and click “Export” button to proceed.

  4. After updating and re-exporting your listings will make the banner disappear from your product descriptions.

  5. Once done, you can either keep the Override Product Data from your Sync Settings enabled or disabled.

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