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How to sync only selected products
How to sync only selected products

Learn how to use rules to sync only selected products or categories

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Sometimes you want to sell specific products on certain platforms. To do that, you can create a Syncing Product rule and choose what products you want to sync & export or set which categories you want to ignore from syncing.

You can add the sync rule by navigating to the Products Page, then click Rules.

Click More rules on the sidebar, then select Syncing Products.

From here, you’ll see two options to create, Sync only specific products or Ignore products.

The Sync only specific products will make sure the items in these certain categories are the only items that will be synced and exported to the target store channel.

An Ignore Products syncing rule will make sure that specific items (e.g., certain categories) will not be exported to your other stores, not manually (by you through the Products page) and not automatically (by the auto-export feature). It simply means that those items will be on the ExportYourStore catalog but will not have any effect on the target store.

Next step is to Choose Products by using filters.

In this example the syncing rule will apply to following products.

IF Category Name contains “New Products”

OR Category Name contains “Sold”

OR Category Name contains “Clothing”

After you’ve set your conditions click Create Rule, and Save Changes button.

This is how it will appear on your syncing products rule list where you can also create a new rule if needed.

Another example for an ignor syncing rule:

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