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Amazon listing shows Currently Unavailable
Amazon listing shows Currently Unavailable

Learn how to fix the Currently Unavailable listings on Amazon

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The most common issues

  1. The seller didn't enter Quantity or Price for the listing.

  2. The listed products are violating Amazon's product policies.

  3. It's not been 24 hours yet since the product page was launched.

  4. Your inventory is in FC transfer, FC processing, or FC reserved status.

  5. The seller entered a future date or the current date in the start sale date field.

  6. Your shipping settings doesn't deliver to your location.

How to Fix Your “Currently Unavailable” Amazon Listing?

Identify the Reason

Identify why exactly your products are currently unavailable on Amazon to come up with the best solution. Are they counterfeit products, or have you surpassed any policies? Is there a wrong data entry causing this error? Or maybe your inventory is going through fulfillment processes?

Check the Holiday Setting

In seller central, turn on the "Active" option in your holiday settings.

Contact Seller Support

If you still can't figure out the real reason - ultimately the solution, open a case in Amazon Seller Central.

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