In order to request GTIN exemptions from Amazon and get the needed approvals, ExportYourStore need to access your account and contact Amazon on your behalf. We also use this to check your inventory and listings quality to make sure they are fully optimized before you complete the setup.

Is it secured?

Yes. We will only see your inventory, with no other authority. We will not have access to payments.

How to invite ExportYourStore as a virtual admin

Log in to your seller central (.com or .uk) on Amazon and click Settings -> User Permissions.

Make sure you are on the Current tab and click Add User.

Fill the invitation details, with the email [email protected] and the name ExportYourStore.

If you're planning on adding a few marketplaces to ExportYourStore (e.g Amazon US and Amazon UK), select Add to global account. Click Send.

NOTE: After this step you need to wait for our response.

Step 2: Give ExportYourStore the required permissions

ExportYourStore will now receieve and accept your invitation. Please note that it can take a few hours until it's accepted.

Once ExportYourStore accept your invite, you need to apply their user with the permissions below:

  • Inventory: To take care of listings and make sure they are fully optimized.

  • Reports: To clear policy violations or fix supressed items if there are any.

  • Settings: To be able to open support-cases on your behalf whenever needed.

How to do that?
On the User Permissions page under pending Users (or the Open Invitations tab) you will need to click confirm. On the new window, click Manage Permissions (or Manage Rights) and select Admin for the permissions: inventory, reports, settings.

Click Continue on the bottom of the page.

For your convenience watch this short video on how to add permissions.

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