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Products are not being synced or updated on Facebook Commerce
Products are not being synced or updated on Facebook Commerce

How to make sure your sync settings are configured correctly

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Please note that descriptions/titles/images (or anything that is not pricing or inventory) are not syncing to Facebook automatically. To sync them you'll need to re-import the products on ExportYourStore's products page and wait for the next catalog sync (up to 2 hours).

Open your Commerce Manager catalogs and click on the catalog you're using.

On the sidebar menu, expand Catalog and click Data sources, then click on ExportYourStore's data feed.

On the new page on top, select Settings.

1. Make sure your Data source on Facebook is Replace and not Update

You should now see if the feed is Replace or Update. If it's not on Replace schedule, please change it using the same feed url.

2. Make sure that the update frequency is quick enough

Click on the three dots on the right side then click Edit. Make sure your update frequency is Hourly and that the Repeat is at-least Every 2 hours.

My configurations are correct

If your feed is a replace-feed and the scheduled updates are good, please go back to Catalog -> Data sources and click View report on your latest Upload session. On the top right download the Report and send it to the support team with your additional information on the issues you're experiencing. We will be happy to help with that!

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