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Add a new Data Source to your Facebook Commerce
Add a new Data Source to your Facebook Commerce

Learn how to add ExportYourStore's Data Source to your Facebook & Instagram Shop

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Note: If you haven't created your Shop on Facebook/Instgram, please follow Setup a Shop first.

Once you've set up your Facebook Channel on ExportYourStore, a data source feed of your products will be created from our app and will be updated continuously to make sure it's synced with the Source Channel it's connected to.

1. Find your feed URL

The feed URL contains a spreadsheet that ExportYourStore has generated and is continuously updating with fresh data from your store's inventory.

You can find your feed URL on the Products Page. Copy it, you'll need it soon.

2. Connect ExportYourStore's generated feed to Facebook

On your Facebook Business Settings, click Data Sources -> Catalogs then click Open in Commerce Manager.

Note: If you haven't created a Catalog yet, click on Add and create Products Catalog.

Then, navigate to Catalog -> Data Sources on the side-menu. You'll be given three options to add your items: Manual, Data Feed and Pixel. Choose Data Feed.

As an Upload Option, select Data Feed and click Next.

On the Get Started screen, choose Yes button and click Next.

On the next page is where you can enter the Feed URL that you copied earlier on ExportYourStore. The login details are not required, you can delete them. Click Next.

Now you'll be able to set schedule automatic updates like an hourly update with a repeat of Every Hour. Make sure to also enable Automatic updates. Click Next.

Lastly is to name the data source as you wish (ExportYourStore is suggested), select your currency and click Upload button.

You're all set from here! Your product catalog on Facebook Commerce, which includes Facebook & Instagram, is now uploading and will receive live updates from your Sales Channel on ExportYourStore.

Note: Once the Feed is Uploaded from here, you'll also be able to see the status of your of how the upload was doing.

Click on View Report button to view if there are any warnings or errors that needs to be changed or updated.

This View Report status will definitely help you show the complete details of the error or warning message and will make it easier for us to help you fix the issue.

For this example below where it says from the report that the Shipping Weight Value is missing. You can fix this by following this article on How shipping information exports between marketplaces.

Lastly, if you still find it complex to fix the error message and needs more custom changes then don't hesitate to message and contact us for support.

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