Note: If you haven't created your Shop on Facebook/Instgram, please follow this article and then continue.

Once setting up your Facebook Channel on ExportYourStore, a spreadsheet (CSV file) of your products will be created and continuously be updated and synced with the Source Channel it's connected to.

1. Find your feed URL

The feed URL contains a spreadsheet that ExportYourStore has generated and is continuously updating with fresh data from your store's inventory.

You can find your feed URL in the Listings Page on ExportYourStore. Copy it, you'll need it soon.

2. Connect ExportYourStore's generated feed to Facebook

On your Facebook Business Settings, click Data Sources -> Catalogs then click Open in Commerce Manager.

Note: If you haven't created a Catalog yet, click on Add and create Products Catalog.

Then, navigate to Catalog -> Data Sources on the side-menu. You'll be given three options to add your items: Manual, Data Feed and Pixel. Choose Data Feed.

As an Upload Option, select Scheduled feed and click Next.

Next step is to enter the Feed URL of your products. This is the feed URL that you copied earlier from ExportYourStore. Login details are not required, you can delete them. Click Next.

On the next step, select an hourly update with a repeat of Every Hour. Make sure to also enable Automatic updates. Click Next.

On the last step, name the data source as you wish (ExportYourStore is suggested), select your currency and click Upload.

You are done. Your product catalog on Facebook Commerce, which includes Facebook & Instagram, is now uploading and will receive live updates from your Sales Channel on ExportYourStore.

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