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eBay Business Policies: Opt-in, Create, Apply with ExportYourStore
eBay Business Policies: Opt-in, Create, Apply with ExportYourStore
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When listing items on eBay, you know there’s a business policy section to customize your payment, shipping and return policies. This section is now automated and creates several policy templates based on your previous preferences so you wouldn’t have to set those preferences listing-by-listing.

“If your business policy preferences vary depending on what you're selling, you can create a range of different templates. This gives you the flexibility to apply different payment, postage, or returns details depending on what you're listing. To start using business policies, you'll need to opt in.” - eBay Business Policies

Opting in to this service is easy and absolutely free, BUT, make sure you opt-in to the correct country eBay site. These policy templates are country-specific so if you create a policy for eBay USA, it will only be accessible to listings on Similarly, listings on eBay sites of different countries will only show policy templates you created for the specific country.

Here’s a list of eBay sites you can use to opt-in for eBay business policy:

If you’ve already set up your Business Policies via eBay, you can use them in your ExportYourStore Listing Tool.

Our advice is to create as many different policy variations as you need and make sure to name them accurately. For example, “Shipping_DOM-Free” for free domestic shipments and “Shipping_INT-5” for International shipments with a $5 charge. This will keep your policies organized, and eliminate any possible confusion and mistake.

Here’s why it’s recommended to use Business Policies templates:

  1. It saves you a lot of time editing business policies for each listing by being able to apply them in bulk

  2. You have the freedom to edit and update all your listings policies

  3. Easily assign appropriate policies to relevant listings

If you haven’t used eBay Business Policies yet, make sure to create your first 3 policies (basic) for postage (shipping), returns and payment to get started. Simply go to eBay's Manage business policies page to get started.

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