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How ExportYourStore is setting up my Amazon store?
How ExportYourStore is setting up my Amazon store?

The first step to list your items to Amazon. Learn what Amazon requires and how ExportYourStore can help you.

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Amazon requires various approvals and validations before they allow sellers to list items on their platform. Therefore setting up a new store on Amazon sometimes takes time and knowledge.

There are two ways to list on Amazon, and we support both.

Using Amazon GTIN exemption

Using GTIN exemptions allows you to list your items without their official barcodes.

We will get GTIN exemptions for your brand, or for the Generic brand if you don't have one.

Usually sellers prefer to use the GTIN exemption way with the Generic brand (when they don't have their own). This is the quickest and easiest solution.

Using barcodes (EAN/UPC/ISBN)

You can list your items using barcodes if your eBay items are listed with them.

If they don't but you do have a list of barcodes outside eBay, contact us with the information and we will configure it on our side.

Our team is familiar with Amazon's workflow and we will know how to get all the approvals needed for your store.

  1. We will get GTIN exemptions for your products

  2. We will register your brands in case you own some

  3. We will increase your ASINs limit if needed

  4. We will configure your store

  5. We will contact Amazon on your behalf whenever needed

We have a long time experience working with Amazon and already helped hundreds of customers getting all the approvals needed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, we are always happy to help!

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