SKUs are a core part of retail and ecommerce selling. Your title or description for a Product may vary for different channels, but the SKU should remain the same. This allows ExportYourStore to identify the Product across many sales channels. SKUs also make working with inventory and using sales reports much easier.

How ExportYourStore is generating SKUs?

  • If the product already have unique and valid SKU, it will not be changed.

  • If the product's SKU is empty, a new SKU that consists of it's ID and a unique value will be generated.

  • If two (or more) products have the same SKUs, we will append a unique value to to each of them. For example, SKU SHIRT, will become SHIRT-1.

NOTE: ExportYourStore is updating the product's SKU on the Source platform.

How to enable SKUs automatically fixing 

Go to Marketplaces page, select the source channel that you'd like to automatically validate and fix and click Settings.

Choose "Automatically fix my SKUs" and click Save.

How to manually fix SKUs

Simply click the FIX SKU button on the products table.

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