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GTIN Exemption letter filling guide
GTIN Exemption letter filling guide

Learn how to fill the letter to obtain GTIN exemptions from Amazon

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See below the letter structure - you must fill all the fields marked.

  1. Seller Name / Email / Phone number / address:
    Those seller's information should be the same as the information of your Amazon seller central account.
    โ€‹*Seller details on support letter must match with the seller account details.

  2. Brand Name (S): This is the brand name which you items will be exported with.
    The brand name usually appear at the item's page.
    Recommended: Using your own Amazon's store name as the brand name.

  3. Brand Owner ( and Name/Title/Email/Phone Number) : this should be the same as the Seller information above.

  4. Don't forget signing the letter and Date.

You can download the letter here

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