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There could be many reasons to change information on items, It could be because eBay rules are less strict than Amazon ones, which requires adjustments to be made, Or if the pricing on Amazon is too expensive and you would like to increase/decrease or if you just want to modify your items to stand against competition.

What Kind Of Adjustments Can I Make?

Pricing Adjustments

If you would like to increase the price on your Amazon items by a fixed percent.

Category Adjustments

In many cases, Amazon can be really fussy about their categories, For many of them you need sometimes special documentation, Or request special permits for items that do not necessarily need them.
In other cases, You might find that items in one category might not have the same exposure as similar items in different categories.
In any case, we could adjust the categories to fit your needs.

Description  Adjustments

Amazon limits their description portion to just 2000 characters, this could lead do a non-descriptive description, Cut at a random point, also, Amazon does not allow any formatting or HTML based manipulations, which can cause the item to be completely blocked from Amazon.
In any case, we could adjust the Description to fit your needs.

Title Adjustments

In some categories, Amazon requires a specific title format, Or if you think the title might be misleading due to other adjustments that have been made to shipping or pricing.

Bullet points 

As said, Amazon limits their Description to just 2000 characters, But they have a short bullet point system that allows you to convey the most vital information you think the customer needs.

Search terms 

Search terms are an invisible list of words that are connected to your item so that people that are searching for example "watermelon" could find any watermelon based items, even if they don't explicitly write it in their title.

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