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Condition: is in list / is not in list
Condition: is in list / is not in list
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is in list / is not in list will allow you to add conditions based on a list of values. The list is in a google spreadsheet that you can update anytime without changing the feed rules.

The file must contain all the values in one column.


You have some items approved for their item brand on Amazon, and others that you want to list under the Generic brand.

To use the is in list / is not in list options, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Google Spreadsheets, and prepare the relevant file with the values in one column only.

2. In the upper-right corner, click Share > Copy link.

3. On your mapping page (Feed Tab), scroll down to a given field.

4. Choose the rule you want to add the condition for.

5. In our example, we enter the value Generic to the rule input.

6. Click All products and open the "Only apply if" option.

7. On the first input field select "SKU", on the second field select "Is in list" and on the third field paste the link of the google doc spreadsheet.

Once done, simply click on the Next button then you'll be all set!

It is always recommended to have a Fallback rule for products that are not matched by the condition, just to make sure that there are no empty values in your output feed.


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