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Modifier: Round
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Difficulty level: Beginner.
You'll probably manage to do this on your own. The steps below should help you do that. If anything's not clear enough, reach out to our Support Team.

The Round Modifier empowers you to round any numerical values. You'll select how and which values are to be rounded.

You'll be able to make conditions to indicate for which items you'd like to round such numerical areas.

To use Round, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Scroll down to find the field you would like to map (e.g. Price)

  2. Add a modifier.

  3. Choose Round.

  4. From the Round drop-down, select the needed function.

  5. In the Input field, enter the number of decimals to be rounded or removed.

  6. Select Round down if you want to allow rounding to a whole number lower than the input field. (e.g 4.1 to 4)

Common Uses

Price Changes.


Rounding to Nearest multiple. Your item price is $49.99 and you want it to be a whole number price. You can round it to the nearest multiple of 5 by simply selecting Nearest Multiple from the drop-down menu and using the number 5 on the input field. The output price will be $50.

Remove Decimals. Your product prices are all decimal numbers (e.g. $49.99) but you don't want to have cents on your item prices in the target channel. Use the Remove decimals option to achieve the desired changes by simply selecting Remove decimals from the drop-down and using the number of decimals to remove. In the example below, rounding $49.99 will output $49, and $49.450 will output $49.4.

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