Modifier: Append
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Difficulty level: Beginner.
You will probably manage to do this on your own. The steps below should help you do that. If anything is not clear enough, please contact our Support Team.

Modifier Append option adds a string at the end of your text in a given field.

You can create conditions to specify for which products you'd like to add this modifier.

To Use Append, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Scroll down to find the field you would like to map (e.g. Color)

  2. Add a modifier.

  3. Choose Append.

  4. In the Input field on the right enter the text that you would like to appear after the rest of the text. (e.g. Blue)

Common Uses

Unit measurement required. Example: The channel is mandating to add the measurement unit of the item's weight (KG) but you have supplied only the decimal format on your source store. To fix this simply use the Append Modifier.

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