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Main Mapping Types: Extract from
Main Mapping Types: Extract from
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Extract from option will allow you to acquire given esteems a lot quicker, contrasted with adding various circumstances.

You can for example use this function to obtain specific text lines from the description field from your source shop.

To use Extract from option, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the listing description field from your source store.

  2. Decide which lines you would like to be exported to Amazon, Walmart, etc.

  3. Once, you have chosen the line that you want to be exported. Go to the Feed mapping in EYS, Scroll down to the field you want to map.

  4. From the first drop-down list next to it, Select Extract from.

  5. In the next field select the Input Field where you want it to be extracted from.

  6. For Example, Below is the text line you have chosen to be exported. (Underlined Text)

  7. The first word of the line is "From" and the end word is "Thailand."

  8. In your Feed mapping under the pattern field simply input the First word "From" followed by a period symbol "." and regex character which the "+" plus symbol and then the end word "Thailand." And you'll be all set!

Common Uses:

If the bullet points attribute is required by the channel but was not supplied from the source store. You have an option to use Extract from to supply the needed value.

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