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Create a Feed for Amazon
Create a Feed for Amazon
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  1. Choose products for the feed
    - You can choose from a set that you already created
    - Create a new Set

  2. Upload template
    If you already uploaded the file go to the Activity section and use "Create Similar"
    We need to get the Amazon template for creating the products on Amazon
    Click here to get Amazon template

    3.1 ON Amazon section "Select the types of products you want to sell"
    Choose the best category you want your products will be listed.
    3.2 In the marketplaces section, choose the marketplace you want to list your products on
    3.3 Choose the "Custom" mode and move the attributes like the image

    3.4 Click Generate template and save the file
    3.5 On ExportYourStore upload the Amazon template file
    (Click "upload file")

  3. Data feed rules
    We're going to map our fields on the source marketplace to the Amazon feed we just downloaded.

    A couple of examples :
    1. We want to map the value "Size" to the value "Size" on the Amazon feed.
    2. We want to map MAIN STONE on eBay product to stones_type on the Amazon Feed.
    3. We want to Map a variation value of color to color on the Amazon feed.

    Creating the rule
    1. Click "Add Rule " --> "Map a column "
    2. Choose for each of your source Keys the most suitable Keys on the Feed
    and click "Create"

    * You may not see all the values for the selected key on the preview

    3. If there are more source values that are suitable values to the feed
    Click "Add fallback field"

  4. Download feed
    Click "Download"
    Saved it on your computer

  5. Open the Feed file on your computer (excel )
    6.1 Click "Enable Editing"

    6.2 Select the correct feed type from the dropdown

    6.3 If you using GTIN (You select the products with your brand name \ Generic )
    you need to select the GTIN option on the "Product ID Type" field
    and leave the "external_product_id" blank.

  6. You can change some fields in the Excel spreadsheet or leave it as is

  7. Upload the excel feed to Amazon
    On Amazon
    8.1 Inventory --> Add Products via Upload --> Upload your inventory file
    8.2 Upload the excel file to Amazon.

  8. Once it is finished you can download the result from Amazon under
    "Monitor upload status "

  9. If you need any help on the file please contact us

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