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What is ExportYourStore?
How does ExportYourStore work?
How does ExportYourStore work?

A quick look on the Export & Sync functionality

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ExportYourStore supports all listing variations, to any channel and country.

New product export

  1. You create/relist/copy new product on your source channel. - The item can be created on any other listing software.

  2. ExportYourStore imports your product, validates it and prepares it for export

  3. Your product will appear on ExportYourStore dashboard.

  4. If a SKU fix is required, ExportYourStore gives you the ability to automatically or manually fix it quickly and easily.

  5. If your channel settings are configured as automatic, it will automatically export the product to all your other channels.

Update existing product

  1. You update your listing on eBay, or on any other listing software.

  2. ExportYourStore recognizes the update

  3. Your updated product will appear on our dashboard, and you have the the automatic sync setting enabled, it'll be automatically updated on the target channels.

Sold product on a channel

ExportYourStore makes sure to prevent overselling on any channel you've connected to it. We are getting any order from all your connected channels and making sure they are all synced. If the buyer bought a product on any marketplace, we will decrease the product quantity on all the channels you've connected.

Categories Mapper

Category names are slightly varied between marketplaces, and have to be matched and recognized on the target marketplace before being exported.
Our algorithm most of the time automatically detects and matches the categories between marketplaces, but sometimes you'll need to map some of them yourself.

It can be done easily through the dashboard.

Rules manipulation

At ExportYourStore, you can create rules to manipulate your listings exports as you wish. You have full control over which items are synced, their descriptions, and their appearance. Perform bulk actions by preferred criteria, whether its handling times, price changes, or images - you're in control.

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