You have the ability to decide what product information you want to be exported and synced for each channel you have.

In order to set those settings, Go to Marketplaces page, click on the source you want to configure then you will have a list of all the targets that this source is synced to.

In this example my source is EbayUS (avnic555) and I have only one target - eBid.

Click on SETTINGS to open the sync settings between the selected source and the selected target.

Automatically export new items listed on eBay:

We will automatically export new items listed on eBay to the selected target, so you don't have to manually export new items.

Sync quantities from eBay:

Enable if you want inventory quantities to be synced from eBay to the selected target.

Sync pricing from eBay:

Enable if you want products pricings to be synced from eBay to the selected target.

Close items on target, If they're closed on eBay:

Items that will be closed on eBay, will be automatically closed on the selected target as well.

Override target product data when it updated on eBay:

Some sellers want their products to appear different in each marketplace.

Disabling this setting will make sure we don't sync descriptions, tags, titles, key words and anything related to the product apperance.

Don't forget to click Save when finishing to edit your settings.

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