Choosing "I would like to list my products under my own brand , GTIN exemption" :

Suitable for seller who:

  • selling items without identity like UPC\EAN\ISBN

  • would like to use his own brand name while listing the items on Amazon

  • sells items which are not already exist on Amazon.

  • sellers which would like to list items under their own brand name on Amazon without using bar-codes.

If you are the brand\manufacture owner of your items you can register as a brand on Amazon, which allows you to use an alternative product identifier such as Part number (if you don't have part number our service will generate it for you )
It let you list your items without their formal bar-codes and under your own brand name (that you choose) .
No one can use your own brand after register as a brand on Amazon except you.

Please read this Amazon article about GTIN exemption.

You can enroll your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry later Here.

Example for choosing the option 1 above (very common):

I own an eBay store called "Old but Gold parts" and I'm selling car parts ( Ford , Audi , Subaru and more..).
I should choose option 1 exporting my items using GTIN exemption with the brand name "Old but Gold parts" (for example , my own eBay / Amazon 's store name recommended as brand name).

* This example is correct for all categories and similar situations

Option 2:

Choosing "I would like to use one or more brands which are not belong to me, I have bar-codes for those items":

Suitable for seller who:

  • selling items that exist on Amazon and would like to match his items to the same ASINs. 

  • Have bar-codes (UPC\EAN\ISBN) for all his items.

  • Would like to match the items to existing ASINs (items) on Amazon and have their official bar-codes and SKUs.

Example for choosing the option 2:

I own eBay store and selling my own official products with their official bar-codes and would like to list them on Amazon using the same as on eBay (also with the same brand name as on eBay)
I have official products that already listed on Amazon and I would like to match them to the same ASIN on Amazon, also I have the same SKU, official bar-code, brand name and title as on Amazon.

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