You're selling items without identity like UPC\EAN\ISBN


In this article I will explain all the possibilities and alternatives to list the items without the use of GTIN (UPC \ EAN \ISBN )

1. Register your brand with Amazon 

If you are the brand\manufacture owner of your items you can register as a brand on Amazon, which allows you to use an alternative product identifier such as Part number (if you don't have part number our service will generate it for you )
You can enroll your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry Here.

2. If you are not the Brand\manufacture of your items, 

  2.1  Submit request for GTIN Exemption on Amazon
       How to do it ?
       Our service already prepared your GTIN information.
       1. Download your GTIN data excel file from the magic sync dashboard.
           The excel file exist on the finish section of your setup. You can find it also
           On the menu- >Channels -> Report
           Save the excel because we will use it on step 2 below 

    2. We will now use the excel file that we generated for you.
        For submitting your request please follow this instructions;
       2.1 Log in to your Amazon Account .
       2.2 Select the marketplace that you want to request the GTIN exemption.
             You can find the drop down on the top menu on Amazon central dashboard. Usually it already selected for your default marketplace.
       2.3 Click on this link  for GTIN Exemption Request page.
       2.4 on the "Select the products for which, you are requesting an exemption"
             - select Branded if most of your items are branded.
            -  select Non-Branded products if your items are not branded. (for example, wholesale products)
           - select Parts if you selling parts without barcodes like automotive parts.
           - if you're selling books contact us
      2.5 "Enter the reasons for not having a GTIN"
             Describe to Amazon the reason you don't have a barcodes for your products.
             Ask for listing your items without barcodes and also mention that you attached excel file.
     2.6 "Do you have supporting letter from the brand owner, manufacturer.."
            If yes, you can follow Amazon instructions
            If you don't have supporting letter click "NO"
     2.7  Click "these templates" Amazon open a new window download the template.
           For parts and knows branded - "Branded product list template"
           For Unbranded - "Non-branded product list template"
           Those Amazon templates are blank and you need to fill them with the Excel file that we generated for you.
          *please notice the Tabs on our excel
       Click Browse and select the updated Amazon template file.
     2.8 Click Submit.
You should know 

  1. You still can list your Amazon items for items that not need GTIN exemption.

  2. The process for GTIN can take 1-2 days - you will receive eMail from Amazon.

  3. Once you approved to list the items, please try after 24 hours - this is the time that it takes to Amazon to apply the new settings.

  4. You can list to the brand and category that Amazon approved you.

If Amazon reject my request ? 

Do the process again and ask to list your items with the Brand "Generic"

If you're approved to sell under different brand on Amazon (Like "Generic" )

Before you start to list your items to Amazon you need to configure your settings to replace your brands to for example Generic
you can do it easily when you go to Settings ->adjustment rules
set New Rule    

click Continue and set live.

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