This article will explain how to give our service permission for:

  1. Manage seller Amazon inventory ( View\Edit )

  2. Open cases for Amazon  and allow to contact Amazon via seller Amazon account. 

  3. Check store permissions.

We need access to view your inventory and case log, so we will be able to get a clearer picture.
Also, this will allow us to contact with Amazon behalf your account, which will spare you from the need to contact them for every minor problem.

Is This Secure?

Yes, we can only see your inventory the way you see them. We have no other authority except that, specially for the payments.

How Can I Do This?

The process is fairly simple:

Step 1

Log into your Amazon account.

Click settings -> User Permissions.

Under “User Permission” insert our Email to invite us, and click “Send Invitation” Our email is: [email protected].

NOTE: After this step you will need to wait for our response.

Step 2

In this step you need to assign permission to our account that we just confirm.

On the “User Permission” page under pending Users – you will need to click confirm.

Very Important
You will move to a new window and you will need to click “Manage Permission
select Admin for that permission: inventory,reports,settings ( only Manage Your Cases)

Click “Continue” on the bottom of the page.

Please watch this video  for your reference.

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